Model 1.0m 1098FA Mobile VSAT FlyAway Antenna

Key features:
  • Case-based Mobile VSAT - packs into two cases
  • Field installable Fly & Drive upgrade kit
  • 2-man lift
  • Optional Transmit Rotary Joint on Feed for High Reliability
  • 1.0m AvL Engineered Composite reflector with option for solid/single piece or two-piece configuration
  • Standard feed: 2-port Precision Ku (LP)
  • Offset Prime Focus Optics
  • AvL Cable Drive positioner
  • Mount geometry: Elevation over Azimuth
  • Polarization: Rotation of LP feed
  • Handheld Display with Power Supply
  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • CE Approval
  • Fully compliant with Eutelsat auto deploy antenna requirements

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