Model 1.2m 1258KFD Mobile VSAT Fly&Drive Antenna

Key features:
  • Lightweight and packs into one ruggedized case
  • 2 axis AvL Cable Drive positioner 400° Az & 0-90° El
  • 1.2m segmented 3-piece AvL Engineered Composite reflector
  • 2-Port feed with removable connection
  • 25ft (8m) RG59 coax and Controller interconnect cables umbilical kit
  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • Fully Automatic Satellite Acquisition, Peaking, and Cross-Pol Adjustment using GPS, Compass, and Level Sensor Inputs with Entry of Desired Satellite
  • Certified for Auto-commissioning on select services, CE Approval, Software for one continent

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