1.0m Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Standard SNG/Mil Antenna

Key features:
  • High precision azimuth bearing
  • Zero backlash AvL Cable Drive
  • Non-load-bearing 1.0m AvL carbon fiber single-piece reflector
  • Stows to 13.6" H (34.5 cm H)
  • Standard 2-port precision Ku-band feed (standard Cross-Pol comp.); optional feeds include 2-port mode-matched Ku feed (enhanced Cross-Pol comp.) and 2-port L-band
  • 2 axis AvL Cable Drive positioner with 400° Az & 0-90° El
  • Limited function 3-axis jog controller with auto-stow
  • Optional aerodynamic cowlings

The 1.0m vehicle-mount / drive away SNG antenna family includes the following models:
  • Model 1000 with standard 2-port precision Ku-band feed or optional 2-port mode-matched Ku or 2-port L
  • Model 1000-HW with same feed options as Model 1000 plus enhanced wind tolerance

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