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January 2015

Texas Thunder Truck - As Tough as Texas Weather

January 12, 2015
AvL customer Accelerated Media Technologies built this impressive Thunder Truck for NBC 5 News in Fort Worth, TX.  Look closely to see an AvL 1.2m Ka-Band Broadband antenna on the bed of the truck.


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AvL's 60cm Manual FlyAway Antenna at Eutelsat

January 5, 2015
AvL's 60cm Manual FlyAway antenna is our latest antenna to receive Eutelsat type-approval for operation on KA-SAT.  ​This lightweight and compact antenna has a robust 8-piece carbon fibre reflector and a manually-pointed positioner with fine tuning for Az and El.  The antenna can be assembled and operational in less than 5 minutes, packs into a small airline carry-on compliant backpack, and weighs less than 16 kg when packed.
This compact grab-and-go antenna received approval using a Ka-band TRIA feed and Eutelsat’s Tooway modem. The antenna received approval with manual pointing, but has optional motorization.  Other options include interchangeable X- and Ku-band feeds in addition to Ka-band (LP and CP) feeds.

Shown in the photo is AvL's antenna at Eutelsat for testing. Our thanks to Eutelsat for sharing the photo!

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