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1.2m Vehicle Mount Premium SNG Antennas

AvL's 1.2m vehicle mount SNG antenna systems offer strong performance in a small, lightweight and low-profile package. The 1.2m antenna systems enable Ku,  L or X-band communications with integrated GPS and level sensors for automatic vehicle tilt compensation.


Features include:
  • 2 axis AvL Cable Drive positioner with 400° Az & 0-90° El
  • 1.2m AvL carbon fiber single-piece reflector
  • Limited function 3-axis jog controller with auto-stow
  • Optional aerodynamic cowlings

The 1.2m vehicle mount SNG antenna family includes the following models:
  • Model 1210 with standard 2-port precision Ku-band feed or optional 2-port mode-matched Ku, 2-port L or 2-port X
  • Model 1210-HW with same feed options as Model 1200 plus enhanced wind tolerance
1.2m Vehicle Mount Premium SNG Antennas

AvL’s SNG antennas  are designed to meet and exceed the highest performance requirements around the world to guarantee both satellite authority compliance and peak in performance, reliability and availability. Typically these antennas are used in signal contribution for high data rate and bandwidth as well as high power broadcast or similar applications.


AvL Vehicle Mount SNG Antenna Systems feature:
  • Jog control or fully automatic
  • Auto-acquisition controllers
  • Feed options for C, X, Ku and Ka bands
  • RF electronic mounting either on feed boom, back of reflector, base, or inside vehicle
  • Aerodynamic cowlings are available for some apertures

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