Model 1.6m 2020FA SNG/Mil Tri-Band Motorized FlyAway Antenna

Key features:
  • Enhanced wind tolerance of 45 mph gusting to 60 mph for Ku operation
  • 2-man lift
  • Packs into three or four rugged cases depending on options selected; positioner is integrated into one case for stability and ease of set-up
  • 1.6m segmented carbon fiber reflector 
  • 2020 case-based positioner
  • Tri-band feed capability: Ku (LP), Ka (CP or LP) or X (CP); C (LP or CP) available for some international locations
  • Az/El drive system with patented AvL Cable Drive Positioner
  • Elevation over azimuth mount geometry
  • Polarization adjustment by motorized rotation of linear feeds
  • Fully compliant for FCC, Intelsat and WGS; Eutelsat compliance optional

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