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75cm Tri-Band Terminal

75cm Tri-Band Terminal

AvL's Tri-Band Terminals are each configurable as a manual integrated terminal or motorized auto-acquire integrated terminal. Each of these ultra-lightweight terminals features an antenna with an axi-symmetrical carbon fiber reflector, an all-in-one positioner system with integrated stabilizer legs, quick change snap-in-place tri-band feeds and RF kits, and ODU/modem and BUC/LNB integration. The 75cm terminal offers a compact two-case pack-up, which meets IATA requirements for carry-on or checked baggage. These terminals are easily assembled by one person in minutes.

The AvL 0714 75cm 25W BUC terminal is Intelsat Qualified.

Key features:
  • Ultra-lightweight - packs into two IATA compliant cases for checked baggage
  • Assembles in 5 minutes
  • 75cm axi-symmetric carbon fiber reflector
  • Standard 2-port Ku-band precision feed (standard cross-pol comp.)
  • Quick-change feed and RF kit
  • All-in-one positioner system with integrated stabilizer legs
  • Manual operation
  • ODU/modem integration
  • BUC/LNB integration

Options include:
  • AvL SatCAP proprietary computer assisted pointing tool
  • Motorized operation and auto-acquisition with AvL AAQ Auto-Acquire Antenna Control System
  • 2-port Ku-band mode-match feed (LP) (enhanced cross-pol comp.)
  • 2-port Ka-band commercial (CP or LP)
  • 2-port Ka-band MIL feed (CP or LP) (WGS)
  • 2-port Ka-band wideband feed (CP) (WGS and commercial)
  • 2-port X-band MIL feed (CP) (WGS) with optional Rx/Tx reject filter kit

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