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Reconfigurable X-, Ku- & Ka-band
Multi-orbit GEO & MEO
Operator friendly
Easy to maintain
Suitable for land & sea
AvL Products

4.6m High-Gain Military Fixed Earth Station

4.6m High-Gain Military Fixed Earth Station

Key features:
  • Packs into 24 cases (excluding feeds) for shipping to site; will be assembled then permanently anchored
  • 4.6m axi-symmetric ADE 17-piece carbon fiber reflector
  • Standard feed: either 4-Port standard C-band (CP or LP) or C-band INSAT band
  • AvL AAQ Auto-Acquire Antenna Control System with one-buton auto-acquire
  • Zero Backlash AvL Cable Drive positioner for azimuth
  • Machine screw for elevation
  • Compact rugged polarization gear drive; polarization managed with rotation of feed
  • Rotary joint on pol axis

Options include:
  • Flex waveguide from pol axis to BUC
  • Interchangeable Rx/Tx feeds
  • Ethernet remote interface
  • Inclined orbit step tracking
  • TLE tracking
  • 2-port Ku-band mode-match feed (enhanced off-axis cross-pol)
  • 4-port Ku-band precision or mode-match feed
  • 2- or 4-port Ka-band feed (CP or LP)
  • 2-, 3- or 4-port C-band standard feed (CP or LP)
  • 2-port extended C-band feed (LP)
  • 2-port C-band troposcatter feed
  • 2-port  X-band feed 
  • 3-port S-band feed
  • 2-port S/L-band feed
  • Ku-band H/V switch
  • BUC/HPA mounting (elevation range may be restricted by these options)
  • Custom RF/IF I/O cabling configurations