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AvL Products

1.0m Ku-Band Mobile VSAT Motorized Antenna

AvL's 1.0m Ku-band Mobile VSAT motorized antenna features a vehicle-mount pallet and a 1.0m AvL carbon fiber composite reflector. Model 1078 operates in Ku-band and in winds up to 45 mph (72 kph).

Key features for Model 1078:
  • Zero backlash AvL Cable Drive
  • Non-load-bearing 1.0m  AvL carbon fiber composite single-piece reflector
  • Stows to 15" H (38.1 cm H)
  • Can be mounted onto a large SUV or van
  • Vehicle-mount pallet
  • Standard 2-port precision Ku-band feed (standard cross-pol comp.)
  • Feed rotation for polarization
  • 2 axis AvL Cable Drive positioner with 400° Az & 0-90° El
  • Level sensors for automatic vehicle tilt compensation and automatic cross-pol alignment
  • AvL AAQ Auto-Acquire Antenna Control System with integrated GPS
  • Compliant with Eutelsat auto deploy antenna requirements

Options include:
  • Transmit rotary joint on feed
  • Thule bar interface for vehicle mounting
  • 1RU rack mounts and minimized stow height
  • 2-port mode-matched Ku-band feed (enhanced cross-pol comp.)
  • 2-port L-band feed
  • Aerodynamic cowling