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AvL Products

3.8m Platform-Mounted Antenna

AvL's 3.8m Multi-Band Platform-Mounted Antenna is fully integrated into a 20-foot ISO container ready for sea transport. The antenna's 3-piece carbon fiber reflector disassembles easily and the side pieces store to the sides of the center panel when the antenna is stowed. Standard operation is 2-port Ku-band with numerous options for multi-port C-, X, Ku- and Ka-bands, and RF is swappable with toolless RF kits for changing frequency bands.The antenna is motorized with one-button auto-acquisition.

Key features:
  • 3.8m AvL segmented (3- piece) field bolt-Up carbon fiber reflector
  • Fully integrated into a 20-foot ISO container ready for sea transport
  • Easily swappable toolless RF kits to change frequency bands
  • Zero backlash AvL Cable Drive 
  • Compact/rugged polarization gear drive
  • One-button auto-acquisition
  • Dual C/Ku Rx-only feed (Ku-LP, C-LP, and C-CP)
  • 2-port Mode-Matched Ku-band (LP)
  • 2- or 3- or 4-port C-band (CP or LP)
  • 2-port or 4-port commercial Ka-band (CP or LP)
  • 2-port or 4-port MIL Ka-band (CP)
  • 2-port or 4-port commercial/MIL wideband Ka-band (CP)
  • 4-port Mode-Matched Ku-band (LP)
  • 2-port X-band (CP) single carrier (Tx)
  • 2-port X-band (CP) multi-carrier (low-PIM)
  • Compact motorized worm gear drive