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2.4m Tri-Band Ultra Lightweight Manual Terminal

2.4m Tri-Band Ultra Lightweight Manual Terminal

AvL’s 2.4m axi-symmetric manual terminal is ultra-lightweight and has a small two-case pack-up. The 14-piece carbon fiber reflector is designed to operate in X, Ku and Ka-band with new bayonet-style feeds and quick-change RF kits. A C-band capability is in the planning as an upgrade kit. The antenna is modular and flexible with numerous BUC and LNB options, and it supports RF or modem peaking. This manual operation antenna functions on an aluminum space frame, which enables set-up or pack-up by one person in minutes. Once the antenna is set-up and anchored, the antenna is easily repositioned using simple, ergonomic pointing assist features – no anchor adjustments needed – for fine tuning to one satellite or pointing to a different satellite.

Key features:
  • The most compact 2.4m antenna on the market
  • Offers performance specifications comparable to larger lightweight antennas with small pack-up
  • Packs into two checkable transit cases with each weighing less than 100 lbs.
  • High-stiffness, ultra-lightweight 14-piece carbon fiber reflector with a 6-piece hub
  • High-stiffness, ultra-lightweight positioner base
  • Assembles in <15 minutes
  • Durable sand feet with levelling mechanism
  • RF package with the BUC located behind the hub, which makes it highly configurable
  • Standard 2-port precision Ku-band feed (standard cross-pol comp.)
  • Points with AvL SatCAP proprietary computer assisted pointing tool
  • Intuitive coarse/fine Az/El positioning after anchoring
  • Simple feed polarization positioning

Options include:
  • 2-port Ku-band mode-match feed (LP) (enhanced cross-pol comp.)
  • 2-port Ka-band commercial (CP or LP)
  • 2-port Ka-band MIL feed (CP or LP) (WGS)
  • 2-port Ka-band wideband feed (CP) (WGS and commercial)
  • 2-port X-band MIL feed (CP) (WGS) with optional Rx/Tx reject filter kit

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