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AvL Products

2.4m Quad-Band Motorized Terminal

AvL's 2.4m motorized flyaway antennas operate with an enhanced-duty Model 2020 positioner and a tripod configuration. Standard operation for these antennas is Ku-band with optional C-band, Ka-band and X-band with operational wind tolerances of 30 mph (48 kph) gusting to 45 mph (72 kph). The 2.4m 2020-T antenna packs into four or five rugged, weather-resistant cases depending on options selected.

Key features:
  • Packs into four or five cases depending on options selected
  • 2.4m segmented carbon fiber reflector 
  • Standard 2-port Precision Ku-band feed (standard cross-pol comp.)
  • Zero Backlash AvL Cable Drive
  • Elevation over azimuth mount geometry
  • AvL 2020-T case-packed tripod positioner
  • Polarization adjustment by motorized rotation of linear feeds
  • Fully compliant for FCC and Intelsat; Eutelsat compliance optional
  • MIL-STD-188-164C compliant

Options include:
  • Offset or axi-symmetric reflector configuration
  • 2-port L-band feed
  • 2- or 4-port C-band feed (CP or LP)
  • 2-port C-band troposcatter feed
  • 2-port X-band feed with optional Rx/Tx reject filter kit
  • 4-port Ku-band precision feed (standard cross-pol comp.)
  • 2- or 4-port mode-matched Ku-band feed (enhanced cross-pol comp.)
  • 4-port Ku-band wideband feed
  • 2-, 3- or 4-port Ka-band feed (CP or LP)
  • BUC/HPA integration
  • Anchoring kit