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Reconfigurable X-, Ku- & Ka-band
Multi-orbit GEO & MEO
Operator friendly
Easy to maintain
Suitable for land & sea
AvL Products

AvL 1.6m Tri-Band Manual Point Terminal

The AvL 1.6m Tri-Band Manual Point Terminal features include high efficiency X-, Ku- and Ka-band feeds integrated with high power Mission Microwave block upconverters, an all-new AvL quad-pod positioner, and our Terminal Interface Unit with high-stability 10Mhz reference and built-in graphical user interface for ease of satellite acquisition and peaking.  Importantly this terminal includes standard and high wind configurations and has been demonstrated in extremely harsh environments during 25m/sec (56mph) winds with minimum gain loss with the optional high-wind kit.  The terminal packs into 4 lightweight cases and can be assembled by two people in 15 minutes.