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AvL Announces a Delivery to Rodcast & Telecom for Caracol TV in Colombia

February 20, 2019

AvL Technologies is pleased to announce the delivery a 2.4m manual flyaway antenna to Rodcast and Telecom, Inc. in December that is now being used by Caracol TV in Colombia. The antenna is lightweight, easy-to-assemble, packs into four cases and operates in C-band linear and C-band circular bands.

“AvL is excited to work with Rodcast and Telecom as well as Caracol TV in this endeavor. This new antenna will enable Caracol TV to live stream sporting events and cover general news from remote areas, and it’s simple to assemble and easy to operate by Caracol TV’s news engineers,” said Steve McGuinness, Vice President of Sales for AvL Technologies.


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Chilcott, Inc. and Peru Joint Staff

August 8, 2017

More great photos from Miguel Ameigeiras and Chilcott, Inc.! This is a Peru Joint Staff event.


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AvL in Action - Thanks to Chilcott, Inc.

June 26, 2017

Many thanks to Miguel Ameigeiras and Chilcott, Inc., for sharing these photos of AvL antennas in action!! Chilcott-made Mobile Emergency Operations Centers (MERCs) are used for expeditionary and rapid response to a natural disaster, humanitarian assistance, large events, peacekeeping missions, industrial projects and more, and they include AvL antennas for satellite communications. These photos show MERCs in action in Panama and southern Chile.


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AvL Customer: STS Uplink Chicago - Sizzle Reel - Past & Present

May 23, 2017

We love this recently posted video by AvL customer STS Uplink Chigago called Sizzle Reel - Past & Present. Here's a link to the video on Vimeo.


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AvL Customer in the News: Squire Tech at the Border Security Expo

May 12, 2017

AvL customer Squire Tech Solutions was interviewed recently by News 4 San Antonio recently during a demo at the Border Security Expo. Many thanks to Michael Zalle and Squire Tech for a great demo of the pCom XL and an AvL antenna!

Here's a link to the News 4 San Antonio video.


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Chilcott, Inc., Training at AvL

April 17, 2017

It was great to have Chilcott, Inc. at AvL Technologies last week for training!! Chilcott’s Billy Rodriguez and Jaime Castaneda along with AVL’s David Madrid, conducted a week long Advanced Satellite Systems Course for a cadre of nine (9) international military students from Peru, Uruguay and Chile. Training was conducted at the AVL Technologies facility in Asheville, North Carolina. This is a continuation of support for U.S. Southern Command’s Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) program. These individuals are scheduled to deploy to Africa in the near future in support of UN Peacekeeping Missions. This intense training will prove invaluable while operating in remote areas under austere conditions. https://www.linkedin.com/hp/update/6258663103794335744


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SES Government+ rapid response vehicle and aerostat

April 3, 2017

Check out this great new video by SES Government!! SES Government+ rapid response vehicle and aerostat give you the ability to help those in need, and put communities back on their feet. http://tinyurl.com/kxt6978


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SES Acquisition of O3b

August 18, 2016
The GovSat Report recently published a great article on the SES acquisition of O3b and how SES/O3b together will deliver transformational satellite connectivity to the U.S. Government. Here's a link to the article.

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Commercial for U.S. Army Reserve

July 27, 2016
AvL Technologies is proud to support our service men and women with SATCOM antennas that enable them to communicate from limitless locations and in virtually any environment. So we were thrilled to spot an AvL antenna in this new commercial for the U.S. Army Reserve.

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Great New Weather Truck for KMGH in Denver

March 29, 2016
Follow this link for a video by KMGH in Denver showcasing a great new weather truck by SVI Trucks and Satcom Resources! 

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Thank You to the Rapid Reaction Branch!

March 16, 2016
Many thanks to Col. Brad Walker for visiting AvL Technologies!  Col. Walker is the Commander of the Rapid Reaction Branch (RRB) of USAF Space & Missile Command, and he presented AvL with a plaque in recognition of the company's support for RRB. AvL appreciates the recognition from the RRB and is thrilled to be viewed as a valued business partner!!

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New DSNG Upgrade by Applied Electronics Limited

February 17, 2016
Thanks to Dave McGinn of Applied Electronics Limited for the photo of this great new truck for Global Edmonton! According to Dave...
Here is our completed DSNG upgrade project for the CITV/Global News Sprinter in Edmonton, Alberta.
The pics show the 1.8m AVL antenna with hub-mounted Advantech 250w KU band solid state power amplifier/block upconverter. (Notably, Advantech is a Montréal company) This state of the art uplink includes the AVL auto-acquire system. Digital encoding is through an Ericsson AVP3000. RF routing is handled via a Frontline Communications custom RF control and patch panel. The RF system was designed by Frontline systems engineering manager Jeff Steele.
The system was installed and commissioned by AEL subcontractor SureLink Communications. Its principal, Jeff Heard (right) is a former Frontline engineer. He is shown with Gerald Cherepuschak, project manager for CITV. The Sprinter was built “DSNG-ready” by Frontline and delivered by Applied Electronics in the summer of 2010. The advance build provides for the antenna mounting plate on the roof rack, additional power circuits and the antenna deployed alarm. That facilitated the all facets of the DSNG upgrade being done at the CITV facility in Edmonton.

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Amazing Photo from the BBC

October 16, 2015
Many thanks to the BBC for sending this beautiful photo of an AvL mobile VSAT antenna in front of the Lincoln Cathedral in the U.K.!!

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AvL in the News: O3b Announces the 85cm AvL Antenna, Brings Connectivity in 90 Minutes

September 28, 2015
Posted to O3b Networks' blog: O3b Announces the 85cm AvL Antenna, Brings Connectivity in 90 Minutes

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Thank you to Rodcast Telecom Inc.!

June 19, 2015
Thank you to Rodcast Telecom Inc. for sharing these great photos with us! Rodcast is an AvL and Teledynes/Paradise representative. Chilefilms is using this truck with an AvL 2.4m antenna to broadcast live from @copaamerica2015.

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Customer Oil Rig

May 28, 2015
Thank you, Chris Richards, for this great photo! Chris was on a service call for H&P when he captured this photo of an AvL antenna on the rig manager's building.

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NOV Key Supplier Award

April 30, 2015
AvL Technologies produces visionary, innovative, reproducible products, and we're dedicated to technical excellence and extraordinary customer service. When our customers recognize us for these values, we're thrilled and appreciative.

One of our key customers, National Oilwell Varco (NOV), a Fortune 500 company, recently recognized AvL as a "Key Vendor" for critical systems. NOV conducts a symposium for key vendors every 18 months, and AvL was recognized as one of their top NOV Dynamic Drilling Solutions vendors at the April 2015 symposium. Bob Reitz attended the symposium and accepted the award on behalf of AvL.

Thank you, NOV!

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Texas Thunder Truck - As Tough as Texas Weather

January 12, 2015
AvL customer Accelerated Media Technologies built this impressive Thunder Truck for NBC 5 News in Fort Worth, TX.  Look closely to see an AvL 1.2m Ka-Band Broadband antenna on the bed of the truck.


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KNBC News Trucks

December 26, 2014
Thank you for the photo, Denton!

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Navtelsat Video

August 27, 2014

Navtelsat deployed this SATCOM system for Diakont with a specially-designed AvL Technologies low-stow antenna that's mounted to the side of a large truck.

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SquireTech Video

August 27, 2014
SquireTech produced a great new video earlier this year...


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