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AvL Customer Peak Uplink Recognizes David Madrid for his Efforts

May 17, 2017

Many thanks to Mark Faloon and Peak Uplink for recognizing AvL Customer Service team member David Madrid for his efforts. In a post on Facebook, Mark Faloon stated, "Peak Uplink thanks Dave Madrid for doing some field upgrades to 2 of our AVL dishes here in Oklahoma City. Thanks to AVL for there great pruducts and great people they have working for them!!!" Here's a link to the post.

AvL is insanely proud of our Customer Service team and we're thrilled when they're recognized for the great work they do. Well done, David!!


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A Thank You from Simba Enterprises

March 21, 2016
For Chris Richards of AvL Technologies' Customer Service team:

Hi Chris:
I have been extremely busy since seeing you a week ago and I never got an opportunity to really thank you for the class you taught me and my Team.
I must say that your commitment and dedication to teaching us the AVL/O3b RTAC diagnostics methodology among other topics was very educational to say the least. You have a clear command of the products both hands on and the GUI, and you are truly an SME when dealing with resolving challenges. I feel we were fortunate and privileged to have you as an instructor and want to assure you that the knowledge you transferred to Michael, Gerry, Gerrard and myself will go a long ways to not only adding value /supporting the O3b/AVL SATCOM platform, but also make us all great brand ambassadors of the products.
Thank you once again.
God speed my friend
Very respectfully,
Ali Sajjad
President and CEO
Simba Enterprises LLC 

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Verizon Emergency Satellite Trailer

February 16, 2015
We love hearing from our customers! This testimonial is from Paul Victorine of Verizon.

Chris & AvL Team,

Thanks again for the amazing level of support you have provided me over the past few days. I truly appreciate everything you have done to get our emergency satellite trailer functional again and operating with a high level of confidence. Chris - you went above and beyond!  Your expert product knowledge and troubleshooting skills are impressive! Thank you for offering to fly out here within less than 24 hours and literally jump through hoops (and crawl thru our trailer!) to make sure we are happy with our AvL system. I can honestly say that AvL has the best customer support I have worked with in the wireless industry for the past 15 years. It's very refreshing to see a company that believes in their products and will do anything to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Chris, I have your phone number programmed in my phone and I will definitely reach out to you if I encounter any issues with our next deployment at the end of the month.  Hope you have a safe trip back home!


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