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AvL's Newest FlyAway Antenna: the 2.0m Ultra Light

March 22, 2018

At the SATELLITE 2018 show, AvL debuted the new 2.0m Ultra Light Manual FlyAway Antenna, which is the most compact 2.0m antenna available. The antenna offers performance comparable to competing 2.4m lightweight antennas with a small pack-up.

The antenna features a carbon fiber 2-piece hub and 12-piece reflector, and an RF package with a BUC located behind the hub to make it highly configurable. The antenna can be assembled and on-network in less than 25 minutes, and it packs into two checkable transit cases with each weighing less than 100 lbs.


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Introducing the DarkWing Flat Panel VSAT

March 22, 2018

L3 GCS and AvL Technologies announced on March 13th that they have developed a Ka-Band flat panel satellite communications terminal. The new DarkWing™ terminal has been produced to meet customer objectives for a lightweight, small, rugged and portable system that provides high-speed data communications for Internet, VPN connectivity and video transmission. The DarkWing terminal debuted in both the L3 and AvL exhibits at the SATELLITE 2018 show in Washington, D.C.


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Kudos to AvL's Richard Rader

September 12, 2017

Kudos to AvL's Richard Rader for delivering 4 antennas, several generators, bottled water and cans of gasoline to relief areas. These items were delivered last week ahead of Irma's trek through Florida, and strategically placed in an Orlando warehouse for use after the storm.


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AvL's New Family of Integrated Terminals

March 12, 2017

Many thanks to our customers who came to the AvL booth at SATELLITE 2017!!  We launched several new products at SATELLITE, including the Family of Integrated Terminals.  These ultra-lightweight antennas feature an axi-symmetrical carbon fiber reflector, an all-in-one positioner system with integrated stabilizer legs, quick change snap-in-place tri-band feeds and RF kits, and ODU/modem and BUC/LNB integration.  The antennas offer compact two-case pack-ups, which meet IATA requirements for carry-on or checked baggage depending on antenna size.  Each antenna in the Family of Integrated Terminals is easily assembled by one person in minutes.

As part of our product launch, we had a video made to show the ease of assembly, ease of operation, and the antennas’ many applications. Many thanks to Bclip Productions, the Woodfin Police Department, Woodfin Fire Department, and Buncombe County Sheriff's Office in the making of this great video!!

Watch the video


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AvL Technologies Announces New Fixed Earth Station Product Family

October 6, 2016
Following AvL Technologies’ recent announcement about the completion of a new building and the opening of AvL Technology Park, the company is now announcing a new line of products: fixed Earth station antennas. The Earth station antennas range in size from 85cm to 5.0m and feature AvL’s unique carbon fiber and engineered carbon fiber composite reflectors, which tolerate extreme heat.
“AvL’s expansion has been in process for some time, and one of the driving forces has been the development of our fixed Earth stations and large carbon fiber reflectors, said Mike Proffitt, president of AvL. “AvL is a fiercely independent, entrepreneurial and privately-owned company, and this enables us to reinvest in the business and rapidly expand our capabilities. With our new facility, we now have ample room to house our large tools for manufacturing larger reflectors.”
AvL’s small class fixed Earth stations, now in production, feature reflector sizes from 85cm to 3.4M. Also in production is a medium class family of Earth station antennas featuring reflector sizes 3.8M, 4.6M and 5.0M. Additional medium class sizes up to 9.0m will soon be in production.

Antennas sized 85cm to 3.8M, and the 5.0M, feature offset antenna designs. The 4.6M and most larger antennas are axi-symmetrical. All AvL fixed Earth stations operate with a steel azimuth slew ring positioning system and the AvL AAQ Auto-Acquire Antenna Control System. The fixed Earth stations also will operate with AvL’s Ku-band, Ka-band and X-band feeds, and antennas with 2.0m and larger reflectors can use AvL’s C-band feed. Additionally, the 5.0M antenna is a unique design with a motorized multi-band feed system that can hold up to seven feeds.
Jim Oliver, AvL’s founder and CEO, began his career in the fixed Earth station business as an engineering manager at Scientific-Atlanta; at S-A he designed hub antenna systems that were used to launch the CNN and ESPN networks. He later was the co-founder of SatCom Technologies (now part of General Dynamics’ SatCom Technologies Group) where he was the lead designer of numerous fixed Earth stations. Jim’s experience, coupled with the expertise of AvL’s composites team, has been the catalyst to move AvL into the fixed Earth station market.
“AvL is well known for its expertise in carbon fiber and composites, and our reflectors withstand extreme heat that cause stretched aluminum reflectors to lose shape and gain. This is very important for Ka-band and higher frequency antennas,” said Proffitt. “Our current Earth station business produces antennas in the same sizes for our vehicle-mount and flyaway product families, and we will expand into larger fixed Earth stations in the near future.”

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AvL Antenna in Singapore National Day Parade

August 19, 2015
An AvL antenna can be seen at 3:40 in this video of Singapore's National Day Parade 2015. This AvL antenna is part of Singapore's Signals Formation operation and is mounted onto a dedicated SATCOM vehicle.

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Thank you to Rodcast Telecom Inc.!

June 19, 2015
Thank you to Rodcast Telecom Inc. for sharing these great photos with us! Rodcast is an AvL and Teledynes/Paradise representative. Chilefilms is using this truck with an AvL 2.4m antenna to broadcast live from @copaamerica2015.

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Customer Oil Rig

May 28, 2015
Thank you, Chris Richards, for this great photo! Chris was on a service call for H&P when he captured this photo of an AvL antenna on the rig manager's building.

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Texas Thunder Truck - As Tough as Texas Weather

January 12, 2015
AvL customer Accelerated Media Technologies built this impressive Thunder Truck for NBC 5 News in Fort Worth, TX.  Look closely to see an AvL 1.2m Ka-Band Broadband antenna on the bed of the truck.


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AvL's 60cm Manual FlyAway Antenna at Eutelsat

January 5, 2015
AvL's 60cm Manual FlyAway antenna is our latest antenna to receive Eutelsat type-approval for operation on KA-SAT.  ​This lightweight and compact antenna has a robust 8-piece carbon fibre reflector and a manually-pointed positioner with fine tuning for Az and El.  The antenna can be assembled and operational in less than 5 minutes, packs into a small airline carry-on compliant backpack, and weighs less than 16 kg when packed.
This compact grab-and-go antenna received approval using a Ka-band TRIA feed and Eutelsat’s Tooway modem. The antenna received approval with manual pointing, but has optional motorization.  Other options include interchangeable X- and Ku-band feeds in addition to Ka-band (LP and CP) feeds.

Shown in the photo is AvL's antenna at Eutelsat for testing. Our thanks to Eutelsat for sharing the photo!

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